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    Boutique Homes are the Future – Here’s Why

    July 26, 2022  

    There are many things to consider and quick decisions to make when it comes to building a home. However, the most important decision you’ll make during the process is who you choose to build your home. Do you pick a high volume builder or boutique home builders to create your next dream home? Of course, there are pros and cons to everything. However, custom home builders are steadily rising to the top because of their kept promises and their ability to create high-quality custom homes.

    Recently, due to the state of the world, namely, the global pandemic, quality new home builders are growing in popularity compared to volume builders. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

    4 Reasons why boutique builders are growing in popularity

    If you’re considering building a boutique home, check out these top four advantages when you choose a small scale builder to design your new house.

    1. Better overheads

    While there is no getting around the cost of materials and labour, especially in a world impacted by border restrictions and low timber stock, a boutique company will have different overheads than a volume builder. This can leave more room for spending on higher-quality finishes, with less of your budget going towards high admin costs.

    In addition, your boutique builder will have a personal focus on your build, ensuring you don’t get lost in the system of hundreds of other builds in both financials and communication.

    2. Attention to detail

    Volume builders are exceptional business people who can manage hundreds of clients simultaneously, building thousands of homes a year.

    However, it often comes at a cost to the individual client, especially when building a home is made more complex with global challenges. Your boutique builder will be able to focus on your job entirely, overseeing every step of the process from quote to building an inspiring landscape design for your new home. This can simplify what feels complicated and offer priceless peace of mind.

    3. Your best interests at heart

    If your block is steep or sloped, it may be hard to find a volume builder to create your vision. Their focus is, obviously, volume. This can result in stock standard designs on flat, even blocks, with more square metres meaning more money for them and less backyard space for you. A boutique home builder will do their best to bring all your home design visions to life from start to finish. Even small details like incorporating feng shui into your new home design will be the top of their priority list.

    Boutique builders are in this industry because they love creating dream home designs for their customers. As a result, your vision comes to life and your budget maintains its integrity.

    4. Individualised focus

    Clear communication is a cornerstone of the boutique building industry. If your materials are held up, boutique builders understand that this is disappointing and difficult for home investors. Particularly in a world as unpredictable as it is for the building industry right now, where price increases are often unavoidable, and delays are a part of daily life.

    Unfortunately, your volume builder may not be able to meet you or even have a phone conversation for every hold-up or concern you may have. With hundreds of clients going through the same thing, they simply don’t have the time. Boutique builders treat your build as their own and do everything they can to keep you in the loop and maintain their promises. Site meetings to explain your build, phone calls to soothe your worries, and regular updates are just part of the promise when working with boutique builders.

    How the pandemic pushed custom home builders ahead of the rest

    It comes as no surprise that the Australian building industry is not immune to the impacts of a global pandemic.

    The country’s firm stance in managing the spread of Covid, such as sudden lockdowns, border restrictions and mandatory work from home orders, has had a considerable impact on many industries, and construction is no exception. Alongside these challenges, the country has experienced flooding and bushfires, adding pressure to building material supplies.

    In 2022, more small building companies prevailed while large construction companies caved under the pressure. Read more to learn why!


    How boutique builders overcame construction challenges

    Boutique builders are small but powerful

    While many smaller businesses and those unestablished have suffered in other industries, the big names in construction are struggling the most.

    Many large companies committed to projects before the pandemic that is simply no longer viable. Rising material costs continue to disrupt supply chains, and consistent, unpredictable lockdowns have resulted in a profitless boom.

    Small home builders benefit from a custom approach

    Social media and online newspapers have been flooded with reports from heartbroken customers of larger building companies, claiming they have been left in the dark regarding the progress of their forever homes. Unfortunately, these companies aren’t used to requiring a hands-on, personal focus, and poor communication has left many customers feeling disenchanted.

    Custom home builders take a personalised approach for every client. Boutique building companies have been working hard, maintaining their schedules, and creating quality homes even while faced with the genuine challenges the pandemic presents.

    Custom home builders guarantee their supplies

    Commercial companies typically purchase in bulk and sign multi-year contracts.

    Due to the pandemic, the cost of building materials increased, forcing them to buy smaller, work harder, and often walk away before the job is done. Many prominent construction company names have been in the media for all the wrong reasons. As a result, some report cancelled contracts or unexpected price hikes, leaving them out of pocket and without a home.

    Boutique builders provide better customer communication

    Delays and cost increases will occur, particularly with flooding and extreme weather events. However, much of the disappointment from those who have spoken out against volume builders could have been avoided with more transparent communication.

    We understand that while material delays and price increases may be inevitable, poor communication and a negative customer experience are not. A smaller volume builder spends time and energy your new home build requires. This is extra important during a period where significant industry challenges are popping up all the time.


    Experience the boutique home difference

    Despite the difficulties of the pandemic and the pressure, this has placed on the industry, many boutique builders, including New South Homes, have not faltered in creating beautiful, high quality, custom homes on time and within budget.

    A custom build can provide the perfect fit for your block and create a home that brings your vision board to life. The market responds to a nurturing, well supported, and communicated approach. As custom home builders, we have provided these benefits to our clients from our first build.

    There has never been a better or more immediate time to engage with a boutique builder. New South Homes remains steadfast and confident as the building industry experiences more significant pressures in response to the state of the world. We work with our sister company, Granny Flat Solutions, to ensure your build is financially safe and secure.

    To discuss your custom build with a crew who cares, get in touch with New South Homes today.




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