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    Your Guide to Building a Boutique Home 

    June 22, 2022  

    Building a custom home can seem like a very daunting task. With so many options and high-volume builders advertising at every turn, it can be easy to put a custom home into the ‘too hard basket’. Custom home building is highly misunderstood, with many buyers getting the sequence of events mixed up.

    To make the process of creating your custom home even more straightforward, we’ve created a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know before buying your boutique home. Read on to discover more. 

    How to choose between a bespoke, boutique or custom builder

    Choosing a custom home builder will be the first step in the process that you decide on. Their vision, reviews and experience need to tick all the right boxes for you. From here, you will have an expert to walk with you through every other stage of the home building journey. You don’t have to go at it alone, attempting to sketch your design or envision the home on your block, as your builder will do it for you! Your builder can even help you find the right lot for the home you’re dreaming of. Sounds easy, right? Because it is! 

    When choosing your builder, make sure that what they create is truly a custom home, not just a spec home with a few extra carpet choices thrown in. A custom home is a unique, one-of-a-kind house designed with an individual’s lifestyle, vision, routine, design type and comfort in mind. The custom home builder will work with either an architect or designer, in some cases both, to create the layout, make the most of the land type and size, and cover accessibility needs. With a custom home, your home will look and function in a tailored and unique way to you. 

    Bespoke can mean anything from a unique storage configuration to a fully customised home unlike any other. A boutique builder is ultimately the same as a bespoke or custom builder, and they take on a set number of clients each year to guarantee a personalised focus for each. A custom/boutique or bespoke builder will boast high-quality materials, perfect finishes, and a focus on each client’s personal experience. 

    Discerning between luxury & custom designs

    There are a lot of buzz words floating around the market as the demand for newly built homes is hotter than ever.

    Luxury home builders specialise in creating unique, high-end homes with features that add incredible value and lifestyle benefits.

    Custom home builders enable you the freedom to choose every element of your home with different design options to suit both your budget and your lifestyle. Many custom builders can create luxury homes; however, the freedom is there if your budget doesn’t quite reach to include those high-end features. 

    Boutique homes are perfect for those who have specific ideas about their home design, such as creating a Feng Shui worthy staircase in their new home build. Boutique homes are perfect for those with extended family members, accessibility needs, home office requirements or a dream floor plan. Boutique homes have been a way of life since the first people put together unique spaces that suit their lifestyle and daily needs. With a boutique builder, families can get back to making dream homes for lifelong comfort.


    Still deciding where to build your house? Read our blog on the hottest Sydney suburbs to build your new home.

    What to expect during the custom home building process 

    Each home building company is different. This means that you can expect the custom home building process will vary from company to company. To help you understand the full picture, we’ll walk you through each of the steps our home builders at New South Homes take during a custom home design.

    1. On-site consultation and quote 

    We will visit your block for a free inspection to assess the land slope, lot shape, accessibility, and serviceability. This is where your detailed site plan and planning certificates come in handy. During this step, you will have the opportunity to review our home designs and work on narrowing down your floor plans and design choices with our in-house designers. 

    2. The design stage 

    Your predesign meeting is where we get to know your values, personality, lifestyle and family, your goals for the future and your vision for your home. Once our building designers have a clear idea of your dream home, they will work to refine the details and create a 3D visualisation of your home with detailed floor plans and elevations. This process allows for many changes and edits as you work closely with our award-winning designers. 

    3. The tender reveal

    Once you love your design and your site has the green light from our builders, we will begin pricing your home. This stage requires our first fixed payment to cover the costs of external consultants and site tests. After that, we can connect you with mortgage brokers to fund your new home. We work hard to provide a clear picture of every cost during this stage. 

    4. Building agreement and council submission 

    Once stage three is done and dusted, we can officially confirm our commitment to your home with a building contract. A fixed fee is required at this stage, and complete construction plans and specifications will be submitted to your local council. In your building contract, you will find every detail for your build, and you’ll be provided with ample opportunity for questions or clarification. Once this contract is signed, we can secure insurance and construction approval. 

    5. Approvals and pre-construction 

    Many documents and approvals are needed before construction, and we will work with local developers, councils, and officials to get this all sorted for you. This process can be lengthy, but you’ll be well informed and looked after along the way. 

    6. Your Sol Studio consultation 

    This is where things really get exciting. While all the official paperwork is finding its way onto the right desks, you will be invited to visit our Style Studio to discuss your design and colour choices with our interior designers. This is where you can choose your products, finishes, materials, and colours to express your personality and suit your lifestyle. You will meet our partners for your tile choices, plumbing options, and exterior designs and refine your home right down to the number of power points and the window colours. 

    7. The construction stage 

    Finally, our builders can pick up their tools and get to work on your home. Your project manager will go over the construction process and schedule with you. While we take complete possession of your site during the build, you will be provided with regular progress reports and photos, with full access to your project manager. 

    8. Time to move in!

    After construction is completed, it’s time to receive the keys to your new home. A final handover meeting will allow you to walk through the house with your builder to examine the handiwork, learn how your appliances work and receive your warranty information. We will be available for 90 days post-build for any maintenance or concerns, yet our commitment to you is ongoing, providing quality service long after you step over the mantle. 

    The custom home build process is a lot simpler than you may think, with experienced and qualified designers, builders and customer service assistants walking alongside you through the journey. So, whether you know exactly what you want from your home, or you’re going in with no design skill whatsoever, you will feel confident and excited with every step of the custom build process. 


    How to build a custom home on a budget

    Many people fall under the false impression that building a custom home is a more expensive and lengthy process than building a spec or volume home. On the contrary, building a custom home can cost the same and take the same time as building with a volume builder company.

    In fact, with covid being the great equaliser for the building industry, custom homes are being built quicker and for less budget strain in many cases. More prominent building companies not being able to follow through on contracts and not having access to materials has left many homeowners disillusioned, which may be what led you to this article today. 

    A custom home build can be as detailed and extensive as having heated floorboards and speakers in the ceiling or as straightforward as including floor to ceiling windows in your design. The beauty of building a custom home is that you can pick and choose what matters to you in your build. This provides a wealth of opportunities for cost savings and budget crunching. 

    6 Ways to make a custom build fit a smaller budget:

    1. Simplify your design – perhaps consider a taller house instead of a longer one, or switch out your complicated roof design for a simple flat one
    2. Make sure your builder has experience – this will ensure not only that they can build something once and have it stand, but they will likely come with industry knowledge on how to save money and get more for less 
    3. Get specific with your costs – while it isn’t always possible to plan every purchase down to the cent, it can help to create a detailed budget with everything that you expect to spend on the home, so no nasty surprises pop up in your bank account 
    4. Be prepared – along the building journey, there is some inevitable red tape. This includes elements such as your planning certificate and site plan. By having these administrative tasks completed, your build will be able to move forward promptly, saving you money on waiting periods and delayed work. 
    5. Get creative with your building materials – ask your builder’s advice on affordable quality materials and don’t be afraid to include refurbished items in your design. Elements such as vintage door handles and old barn doors will give your home a unique flair and keep your money in the bank. 
    6. Make your home eco-friendly – while this may sound expensive, the cost savings over time of improving your insulation, installing high-efficiency windows, and using solar energy as a power source, will never fail to surprise and delight you. Additionally, you may qualify for rebates just for going green to get some money back in your pocket. 


    Want to learn more about how to budget for a new home? Read our blog on budgeting for your new house build.


    Build your next home with confidence

    At New South Homes, we believe that building your custom home is not just a process but an experience. We want you to look back on your home build with fond memories where you felt supported and encouraged to create the home that will provide a timeless value for your family. One of the most significant benefits of building with a custom home builder is that a member of the team will walk alongside you through the home build journey, from design to lock up, to offer guidance and assistance with every twist and turn.

    In choosing an experienced, passionate, qualified, award-winning team such as New South Homes for your custom home build, you will be gaining a unique peace of mind and confidence as you go through the home build journey. You should expect clear communication, a range of design choices, upfront pricing, kept promises, complete customisation, and no administrative headaches from your builders. 

    With New South Homes – you will get the above and more. 

    To get started on your home build journey, simply contact our home builders today, or give us a call on 02 9481 7441.




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