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  • Getting Started

    Do you complete a site inspection?

    Yes, we provide a NO OBLIGATION site inspection! Our Assessment Manager will visit your site to determine and advise what can be done on the property. Completing a site inspection is important, as it allows us to see opportunities and restrictions, which may not visible when searching the property using online portals.


    Do you provide a free estimate?

    Yes. An estimate/budget will be provided to you after the site inspection. Our Estimator will provide several design options to suit your property and determine approximate costs for the project, based on your site conditions.


    What costs can I expect from the tender process?

    A Contour Survey, 10.7 Planning Certificate and Soil Test will be completed so we can determine site conditions as early as possible. We pride ourselves on transparency and will provide a realistic estimate of costs we believe will be incurred during the course of the project, including excavation, spoil removal, site access and any additional engineering requirements.


    How will I know what is happening during the Design, Approval and Construction process?

    Your New South Homes representative will provide you with regular updates, and will ensure you are informed, understanding what is happening every step of the way.

  • Design & Approvals

    Do you offer a Custom Design process?

    Yes, if our designer range of homes doesn’t fit your requirements, we can provide a full Custom Design process, where you will be able to meet with one of our experienced Designers to help create your dream home. The cost of the Custom Design consultation is $12,800 which includes your concept design and up to 3 custom variations.



    How flexible are you in changing your existing designs?

    We utilise our plans as a first concept and then work closely with you to adapt the design to best suit your budget and lifestyle. We understand every client has different requirements, and we understand that no two are the same.



    Do you have colour consultants that can help with our internal and external selections?

    Yes, there are a lot of decisions to make when building a home. Our in-house Colour Consultant will be available to assist and guide you through the colour selection process in our modern design studio.



    What is the difference between CDC & DA approval?

    Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a NSW state government Environmental Planning policy (SEPP) , which outlines the generic housing code requirements. If your proposed dwelling complies with the SEPP code, then you are eligible for approval through an accredited Private Building Certifier.
    Development Application (DA) is a formal application that requires to be lodged and approved by your local council.
    CDC is normally a more expedient and cost-effective process compared to a DA. If your plan doesn’t meet the requirements for a CDC, then lodgement of a DA is the alternative. Although the DA process can take longer, the benefit of a DA is the planning policies at times can be more flexible with setbacks and floor-space ratio, and are often assessed on merit, as opposed to a strict guideline, of a CDC.

  • Pre-Construction

    What happens after you receive the estimate?

    Once you decide to progress from the sales estimate stage to the tender stage, a $2,200 deposit will
    be required, to obtain the following reports:
    – Contour Survey
    – 10.7 Planning Certificate
    – Soil Test
    – Siting & Floor Plan
    – Compliance Check
    – Tender



    Can you organise demolition?

    Yes, we have preferred demolition contractors that we work with. We can request a quote on your behalf for demolition and include that in your building contract.



    When do we sign contracts?

    A contract will be signed after the external consultant reports have been received, including (but not limited to); structural, stormwater engineering and BASIX report. This way, the contract price is a true reflection of the final price, with no hidden costs!


  • Construction

    How long will it take to build my house?

    The process generally takes up to 12 months from the time you sign your tender to the completion of your home. We allow 3 months for Pre-Construction through a Private Certifying authority, and 9 months to build your home. This can vary depending on the size of your home, and the block we are building on and of course weather conditions.



    Can I walk through the house during Construction?

    To comply with Work Health & Safety regulations, the site will be fenced off to prevent access without the accompaniment of a New South Homes representative. However, we value your input and offer you the opportunity for walk-throughs at each milestone of the Construction, including (but not limited to):
    – Completion of concrete slab
    – Framing
    – Roof Completion
    – Electrical Rough-In
    – Tiling
    – Kitchen
    – Practical Completion
    – Handover
    You are welcome to communicate with your Project Manager if you would like any additional inspections.


    How do we make payments?

    Payments are made progressively to New South Homes:
    – Tender Acceptance: $8,800
    – Contract Deposit: 5% (less Tender Acceptance fee)
    – Completion of Floor Stage: 20%
    – Completion of External Wall Frames: 20%
    – Completion of Brickwork: 20%
    – Completion of Plasterboard: 15%
    – Completion of Kitchen Cabinets: 10%
    – Practical Completion: 5%

  • General

    How many homes do you build a year?

    We build approximately 40 homes each year. Our belief is ‘quality over quantity’ and we are committed to providing you with the best level of service, in order to achieve high-quality results in Design, Approval & Construction of your new home.


    Do you also build Granny Flats?

    Yes, we offer custom and a range of designer Granny Flats through our award winning company, Granny Flat Solutions. We can design attached or detached, depending on your property and block size, and specific requirements. Some of our clients even build Granny Flats first, then move in while we build the main home, subject to site specifications of course.


    Do you build with my plans?

    Yes. We can build using owner-supplied plans. We will need to assess each plan to make sure they are detailed and provide adequate information for us to build your new home to a high standard. Due to the time and resources required to provide a detailed tender. New South Homes charges a fee of $1,500 which is credited off your overall build cost once you have proceeded to the signing your building contract.


    Do you offer landscaping?

    We have several landscapers who work with us and can provide you with an obligation-free quote, once external drainage, and service connections have been completed.


    Do you include a post-handover maintenance period?

    We include a 90-day maintenance period after handover with all our projects. Your Project Manager will assess and organise any outstanding works needing rectification. More information on our after-sales service will be provided to at your handover stage.

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Happy Clients Say

New South Homes were brilliant from start to finish. They really put my wife and I first every step of the build journey and made what is normally a very stressful experience so much better with little to no hiccups along the way. I highly recommend New South Homes for any new home construction.

In 2018, my wife and I were looking for a builder, to rebuild our home that was badly damaged by fire.
We came across New South homes , who proved to be the best company to deal with out of the many we spoke to, friendly efficient and flexible with the design.
We decided to proceed with them as they gave us a high degree of confidence. Our home was finished in a timely manner , without undue delays, and we are very proud of what has been built.
We would recommend New South homes to anyone looking for a quality builder and professional service.

The team at New South Homes were highly committed to giving us the promising service and quality we signed up for. If you ever get to deal with David , be guaranteed your in the best hands.

I came to New South Homes after building 3 flats with Granny Flat Solutions (their sister company). They built the home I currently live in and I could not be happier with both the high-quality finishes and the service that I received. I have recommended both companies to countless friends. A big thank you to the team for helping us build our dream home!

I found the New South Homes team to be efficient, reliable and very knowledgeable!!
Thanks guys!

Very Professional. High Quality Service.
Would definitely recommend for you next project!!

Very professional team, really made me feel at ease with the whole process. Building a home can be very stressful but I would highly recommend n w homes to anyone looking for a quality builder.

Very professional
Very easy to work with.
Would highly recommend using them for your next project

Great service! The staff are great and they care for their clients, super reliable!

Going into this project, I had high expectations based on the services I was promised and I was so pleased with the final designs and would definitely work with New South Homes again.


Provided great advice and guidance!

Extremely high quality and professional service.

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