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    Increase to BASIX Standards – What You Need to Know

    May 1, 2023  

    Looking to build your dream home this year? Here are the new Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements you need to be aware of. New legislation resulting in an increase BASIX standards will come into effect on 1st October 2023, and this could mean significant price increases for your build. But before we delve deeper, into these changes, what exactly is Basix?

    What is BASIX?

    According to the Housing Industry Association, BASIX is a web-based planning tool designed to assess potential performance against a range of sustainability standards.

    The increased BASIX standards aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water usage by setting higher targets for energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and water conservation.

    By improving the sustainability of each new house build, the NSW Government hopes to reduce the environmental impact of the housing sector and promote a more sustainable future.

    What Changes to BASIX are Coming?

    The new standards will require builders to achieve higher targets to pass through BASIX. For example, new homes will need to have more insulation, efficient appliances, and use less water for irrigation. The targets will vary depending on the type of building and location, but they will generally be more stringent than the previous standards. So it is important to remenber this if you are planning to build a home for family suburbs in Sydney. sydney

    The key changes to be aware of are:

    • External Wall Insulation – R2.5 minimum
    • Roof Insulation – R6.0 minimum
    • Use of light roof colours as much as possible (subject to location)
    • Single storey home designs to have Low E to bedroom windows and Double Glazed to living room windows
    • Double storey homes to have double glazing to all windows (except wet areas).
    • Electric Hot Water systems to increase in size and Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
    • Potential PV panels


    How Will the Increase to BASIX Standards Affect You?

    These changes are the most significant updates that BASIX have brought in since it’s commencement. Although the new Legislation will help work improving overall sustainability in the housing sector, these changes will result in increased initial upfront costs. See below what that might look like for your build:

    This could also mean sacrificing elements of your design in order to align with BASIX requirements. As your chosen builder, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and creative inspiration, tailoring your floorplan to suit you, as well as complying with BASIX requirements.

    We know how essential it is for you to bring your vision to life while maintaining your budget. Therefore, you need to ensure your Complying Development Certificate (CDC), or Development Application (DA) is lodged, and your build passes BASIX before the new Legislation takes place on 1st October.

    We highly recommend you have received your FREE quote and signed your tender by no later than 1st June 2023 to avoid the extra costs mentioned above. This will allow us enough time to ensure council accepts your lodgment before the October cut-off.

    How Can New South Homes Help?

    It is likely that council will see a higher volume of lodgments as a result of these changes, so if you’re considering a new house build in Sydney– start by chatting to us about what we can do for your block today.

    We have team of experts who will collaborate with you to make your dream home a reality while complying with BASIX requirements. We have an in-house BASIX certifier to work closely with our designers, ensuring each project is carefully thought out from our pre-designed floorplans to our custom design homes.

    Chat to Elias today for any queries you might have about the increase to BASIX standards. You can also head to NSW Government Planning Portal for additional information on the upcoming increase to BASIX standards.






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