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    11 Inspiring Home Landscape Design Ideas

    October 19, 2022  

    A beautiful landscape design increases your home’s curb appeal and adds a piece of serenity to your everyday life. The perfect landscape design differs for every homeowner. Some may desire a luxury garden designed for entertaining weekend guests. Others prefer a space to grow vegetables in abundance. Other home owners desire a landscape design that provides a safe and fun oasis for kids and dogs to play.

    So, how do you decide on your next landscape design? Whether you have a clear idea for your outdoor space, or you haven’t given it a second thought, we have 10 landscape design ideas to help you decide on your next outdoor space.

    Read on for some of our favourite landscape design ideas to find your inspiration.

    11 Inspiring landscape design ideas

    All the best landscaping ideas begin with the goal to create an outdoor oasis, whatever that means to each individual. Whether you have a tiny rear courtyard with natural stone or a sprawling estate rich with the South Coast’s native plants, by approaching your landscape design with forethought and intention, you will be able to make the most of every inch.

    Keep reading to 10 popular landscaping designs that people request from us during their custom home build.

    1. Simple and contemporary

    The perfect accompaniment to a contemporary home, a simple and sophisticated landscaping design with sleek lines and natural tones is a style that is in vogue year round. You can achieve this through simple wooden retaining walls, gravel-bordered garden beds, lighting fixtures along clear-cut pathways, and low-maintenance plants that aren’t prone to shedding. This is a look that will make your home look neat, tidy and modern, and is perfect for the budding landlord or the time-poor.

    2. Retaining wall features

    Retaining walls are a great option for split-level homes or for those on uneven blocks. Retaining walls can bring the space together and give purpose to hillsides and disjointed garden beds. Made from stone, timber, concrete pavers or even colorbond, retaining walls can make your property look cohesive and clean while offering an extra sitting area and making the most of your vertical space.

    3. Structure and shape

    Sometimes, a wide-open backyard can feel overwhelming with where to begin with styling. In a large backyard area, structural elements are key to giving the space a purpose and shape. This can be achieved through towering mature trees, curved pathways, play equipment with contrasting shapes, or even a garden shed. Create a focal point that is important to your daily routine or lifestyle, and develop the space from there.

    4. The more plants the better!

    The best gardens are often those that have been developed over time, with a conglomerate of plants and shrubbery, trees, pots and a well-worn water feature. Celebrate the outdoors with vertical gardens, climbing vines, comfortable seating and oversized greenery, and your garden will soon feel as enchanting and welcoming as one curated over many years.

    5. ‘Outside the box’ fences

    When you think of a fence, perhaps a tall timber structure or some threatening-looking steel comes to mind. Fences don’t always need to be thick, invasive or intrusive, with materials such as glass, white pailings or even natural shrubbery doing the job while looking great.

    6. Built-in seating

    Whether you have a small patio or an expansive wrap-around deck, a built-in seating area can provide the perfect outdoor dining and relaxation solution. Make the most of your natural light and enjoy the great outdoors more than ever with seating that surrounds a fire pit, compliments a deck or faces the setting sun.

    7. Garden beds and walkways

    There is something timeless about a winding path and curated garden beds. Native grasses, gravel, succulents and select plants combine to give a garden purpose and symmetry, making small spaces feel larger and large spaces more purposeful.

    8. Pergolas and patios

    There is nothing more quaint than a garden pergola. Australian weather allows for outdoor rooms to be used year-round. With the addition of a patio or pergola, you can enjoy your outdoor dining space even more with sun and rain protection. Not to mention, they look great!

    9. A front yard with purpose

    It is no secret that big blocks are harder to come by than ever, particularly in some of the most popular parts of New South Wales. Even if your main house is taking up much of the block, there is no reason why you can’t get creative with what you’ve got. Instead of leaving your front yard empty, perhaps add a fence, a garden path and an outdoor seating area to make the most of every inch.

    10. Nature’s shady canopy

    Imagine sipping your afternoon drink under some dappled light with a light scent of flowers and not a care in the world. You can make this dream a reality by adding some easy-growing native canopy trees. Luckily, there are many that thrive under Australian conditions including full sun, such as the Magnolia Tree, the Japanese Maple, Tahitian Lime and the Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’. By being intentional with your tree choice, your garden will be the envy of the street.

    11. The luxury of a swimming pool

    We would be remiss not to mention a quintessential Aussie favourite: the swimming pool. With the customisation options of a home built with our crew, your yard can be planned and scaled to suit your summer plans. We work to make the most of your block to not only allow for the home of your dreams but your backyard too. Click here for the 7 things to consider when deciding to build a pool.

    Create your dream home AND your dream backyard…

    When building with our expert new home builders and designers, you will experience the difference from the get-go. Unlike many volume builders, working with a boutique home builder means that your entire block will be considered during the design and construction process.

    Every square metre will have a purpose, with the home being the right size to suit your lifestyle and needs both present and future. This has a flow on effect on your backyard, where you can work with your custom builder to ensure you have the space and budget left over to achieve your outdoor goals.

    By working with our experienced, dedicated and passionate crew, you will be able to achieve the home you’ve been dreaming of, from the inside out. Get in touch today to discuss making the vision for your new home become a reality.




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