Hampton style homes Australia: 11 Ideas for your next Hamptons home design

March 13, 2023  

Interested in a Hamptons style home?

You’re not alone!

The Hamptons style is a highly sought-after design choice for the Australian lifestyle, fitting nicely with our coastal beach living in areas like Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

It’s popular for a reason. A Hamptons style home often comes with natural textures, clean lines and a contemporary feel. It’s timeless and classic and chosen by many Australian homeowners. Additionally, home builder in Sydney have seen the rave of this particular home style.

Here, we’ll give you a quick overview of the Hamptons house design style, and some key features to include in your next design.

What are Hamptons style homes?

The Hamptons style was derived from the lavish homes built by the wealthy along the beach of Long Island in New York.

A Hamptons home is often spacious and airy, with a coastal theme and colour pallet. Interior colours often include warm greys, light browns, cool blues, and layers of white.

With a natural feel, Hamptons homes often use natural materials like wooden floors, woven rattan furniture and shaker-style cabinetry.


11 Design ideas for building a Hamptons style home

If you’re trying to achieve a Hamptons design for your new home, here are some ideas and features to include:

1) Timber flooring

Light, bright and natural are all hallmarks of the Hamptons style. So too are timber floors. The natural profile of timber adds an extra touch of coastal chic to Hamptons style homes.

2) Weatherboard cladding

Another custom home designs in Sydney for a Hampton style classic is white weatherboard cladding on the exterior of your home. The timber echoes the natural style of the Hamptons look, and complements the timber flooring.

3) Window Design

Another way to incorporate the Hamptons look into your facade is the addition of plantation shutters. If you prefer a softer look inside, you can add white curtains, but the plantation shutter is an iconic Hamptons characteristic.

Another hallmark of a Hamptons style window is the full-length, floor-to-ceiling window, or French doors that completely open up. The more spacious and airy you can make the space feel, the more Hamptons-like it will become.

4) Kitchen Cabinetry

Shaker style cabinetry is a staple Hamptons look. If you don’t love the shaker profile, you can use other Hamptons style options like glass panels or open shelving to achieve a similar feeling.

5) High Ceilings

When planning a Hamptons style home, high ceilings and large spacious rooms are a must. Remember, the Hamptons style originated from the beach holiday homes of the rich and wealthy, and the very essence of this style is having spacious rooms and high ceilings. Think of adding sitting space in your master bedroom and having a high ceiling with sky lights in your kitchen and dining areas.

6) Bathroom choices

A Hamptons style home needs a Hamptons style bathroom. Try using light, white tile colours, marble bench tops, and splashes of blue throughout the bathroom, keeping choices simple and sophisticated. If you’ve got the space and budget for luxury, you can’t go past a claw foot bath as a hallmark of a Hamptons home.

7) Lighting Plan

A good lighting plan is an imperative part of achieving a Hamptons home that ticks all the boxes of a modern house designs. High ceilings and spacious rooms need to be well lit, with plenty of natural light to add to the coastal Hamptons feel. You can also incorporate lamps and pendant lights that match the Hamptons style, often either using a mix of metals and glass lanterns, or the natural beach-like touches of rattan on lamp shades and feature lights.

8) Paint Colours

Paint colours are a simple but significant part of Hamptons style homes. Keep your paint colour choices to white and neutral colours, with added touches of blue and warm grey for the coastal feeling.

9) Interior Design Features

The interior design of your Hamptons home will be just as important to get right as the planning of the house. All the Hamptons style in the world can’t fix incorrectly styled furniture. Hamptons homes typically use whitewashed or bleached timber furniture, or other sophisticated and luxurious choices like white sofas and blue striped armchairs.

10) Pair back the style pieces

With large, airy spaces and open shelves, it can often be tempting to fill it with beautiful things. Minimalist design, however, is a key characteristic of Hamptons style homes. Have you built a large master bedroom? Don’t fill it with cumbersome furniture – keep it simple and sophisticated. Got extra space in the living room? Don’t add unnecessary items that may take away from the Hamptons feeling. Additionally, large, open spaces often feel smaller when filled with styling pieces, so over-styling can easily undo the hard work you’ve done to incorporate an airy Hamptons look for your home.

11) Include a nautical theme

While we’ve just suggested to pair back the style pieces, the pieces you do choose should match a Hamptons, nautical style feel. Choose beach side paintings, ocean style patterns and add touches of blue to your selection of bedding, cushions and throws. Shells, ropes and anchors are commonly found in Hamptons styling choices.

Achieving the best Hamptons style for Australian homes

You don’t need to travel to Long Island to get the best design ideas for a Hamptons home. You can scroll for days on Pinterest getting ideas for Hamptons styles, but if you want to get it right, talk to a professional house design team. Our experienced designer can help you discover the perfect home designs that capture the Hamptons style you want to create while matching your unique lifestyle and family needs.

From creating the Hamptons vibe in the exterior facade to ensuring the interior design choices are perfect, our award-winning team of home design experts are here to help you find your dream home.

Based in Sydney, Australia, with over 35 years of experience, our reputation is founded on building outstanding quality house designs. Contact us or come visit us at one of our Sydney display homes to find out more.




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