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    35 Custom Home Design Must-Haves You Can’t Live Without

    December 20, 2022  

    As the saying goes, “there’s no place like home”, and custom home builders offer the ideal way to build the home of your dreams. Whatever your lifestyle, you can design a house that correlates to your individuality.

    Unlike production homes, choosing a quality bespoke home means you can choose any feature you like. From high ceilings, big windows and a unique floor plan to creating your own gourmet kitchen or media room – the world is your oyster! With the addition of some luxury options, you will experience an enjoyable living space for the whole family.

    Today’s homeowners demand quality homes that not only typify beauty, but are durable, within budget and have the opportunity to increase in value. With that in mind, take a look at the following “must haves” and unique features you can include when it comes to building your custom home.

    The must-haves to include in your dream home design

    It doesn’t take much to add some luxury to your new home. Better still, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to add a special feature that will enhance your quality of life. The right custom home builder will take the hassle out of breathing life into your ideas.

    Custom and bespoke homes are gaining popularity thanks to the number of personalised features that will take your house to another level. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your home, read on and discover the ‘must-haves’ that will make a big difference.


    Living Room

    1. High Ceilings. This will instantly make your room feel large and add a touch of luxury as well as more light and ventilation.

    2. Recessed TV Mount. When the TV sits flush with the wall, it offers a sleek, modern look that blends in with your decor.

    3. Fireplace. Whether contemporary or traditional, a fireplace will do wonders for your living room, adding warmth and style.

    4. Windows. Floor to ceiling windows offer a striking atmosphere, add glamour and also increase natural light to your space.



    5. Appliances. Integrate appliances such as the fridge and dishwasher into the cabinetry and use high quality, European brands.

    6. Countertops. High-end materials such as stainless steel, quartz, granite or marble not only look good, but offer added durability.

    7. Lighting. Use ambient lighting under cabinets, above cabinets, and beneath countertops or rope lights along the kickboards.

    8. Walk-in pantry. Consider a large walk-in pantry with plenty of space, built in cabinets, drawers and storage space for smaller appliances.



    9. Heating. Nothing screams luxury louder than programmable under floor heating or heated towel rails in your bathroom.

    10. Showers. Include a steam shower or rain-shower head for the full spa-like experience, and why not build a double shower for added luxury in the master suite?

    11. Bath. A freestanding, deep soaking bath with recessed shelving to store your products and books will offer a great escape from the daily grind.

    12. Water closet. Building your toilet separate from the rest of the bathroom and sealing it off with a door adds privacy and value to your bathroom 


    Bedroom Design

    13. Feature walls. Panels, wall paper or a floor to ceiling custom made headboard will be an eye-catching feature for a bedroom.

    14. Bespoke lighting. Build layers of lighting into your bedroom, including task lighting or ambient lights, and install an automated dimmer for added convenience.

    15. Window coverings. Remote controlled curtains, block out blinds or automated tinting will be appreciated by everyone in your family.

    16. Walk in wardrobe. A walk-in closet will offer ventilation for your clothes as well as added storage space with a touch of elegance.


    Additional Rooms/Recreational Room Design

    17. Home office. Equipped with charging stations, extra outlets, built-in desks and shelving, a home office is becoming a staple in our post-pandemic world.

    18. Mudroom. A space where kids, guests, friends or anyone can shrug off backpacks, hang up jackets and remove messy shoes or pets’ leashes before going into the house.

    19. Media room. Soundproofed and wired especially for a cinematic experience, a media room can be used to watch a movie or listen to music in an immersive environment.

    20. Basement. A multi-purpose area that is ideal for wine storage, rumpus area, teen retreat or fitness space.


    21. Art. Bare walls make a house feel empty and stark, but investing in artwork you enjoy will add character and interest throughout.

    22. Plants. Greenery and flowers add a sense of style to the interior of a home, as well as enhance your mood and reduce stress.

    23. Texture. Upscale your decor by using a mixture of rich fabrics and different textures, as well as scatter cushions, curtains and throws to showcase an area.

    24. Mirrors. Viewed as a luxurious wall decoration, a mirror of the right size and style can elevate any room.


    25. Speakers. Wall speakers or ceiling speakers integrated with your style in mind means you can listen to music anywhere in the house, from the dining room to the bathroom.

    26. Wireless outdoor security camera. Unencumbered by wires and with data saved to the cloud, you will feel safer with the advanced technology utilised by this type of security camera.

    27. Smart home. Control lights, open window dressings, start appliances and heating systems at the touch of a button or through voice activation.

    28. Video door bell. Another electronic ‘must-have’ is a video door bell with in-built speakers which adds another great security option to your custom home.


    29. Bespoke systems. Tailor-made shelves, benches, kitchen nooks, study tables or other specific pieces can be integrated into the design of your home.

    30. Sofa. The epicentre of your living room, a well proportioned sofa and occasional chairs will need to be arranged with the floor plan in mind.

    31. Dining. Dining furniture ‘must-haves’ include a buffet, comfortable dining chairs and accessories such as vases, artworks, candles and centrepieces for your table.

    32. Coffee table. the layout of your living room is not complete without a coffee table to showcase interesting possessions.


    Yard & Garden

    33. Perennial plants. These are hassle free and last several years as opposed to annual plants and the range will add beauty to any landscaping project.

    34. Entertainment. Build a stylish entertainment area outdoors for gatherings using hardwood and fit it out with a full outdoor kitchen, barbecue or an authentic pizza oven.

    35. Water feature. Whether it’s a pool, a peaceful fountain, fish pond or a Feng Shui waterfall garden, the sounds and signs of water will elevate your outdoor space.


    There are so many ways to add features to your custom-built home that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, these individualised ‘must-haves’ will make your home stand out from the rest and add a personal touch to the design. Here are the common questions to ask if you are planning to rebuild your house.


    What’s typically included in a custom home design

    When partnering with a quality home builder, it’s worthwhile asking for a list of their typical inclusions, internally and externally for a finished dwelling.

    Take note of all the items, including materials, products as well as finishes and fixtures that are part of the process. Discuss any luxury add-ons and the impact they will have on the price. Genuine custom builders will work with homeowners to ensure all their needs are met and all possibilities explored.

    Take note of what’s included in the following areas of your new house

    • Preliminary stage: Reports, approvals, certificates and all costs associated with planning.
    • On site: Slab, piering, concrete, services and any other costs to physically build your house.
    • Basix: Features affecting the thermal, energy and water use within the home.
    • External details: Roof, paint, structural materials, frames and everything included outside.
    • Internal details: Ceiling, floors, plasterboard, cornices, built- ins/closets and others.
    • Kitchen: Kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, sink and appliances are just some inclusions.
    • Bathroom: Bath, vanities, storage spaces, shower, taps as well as other materials.
    • Waterproofing: Is this included as a standard in all wet areas?
    • Laundry: Tub, tiles, shelving, and other elements related to the laundry room.
    • Services: Inclusions such as electrical or plumbing.

    Building a boutique luxury home should be an exciting and enjoyable journey with your vision clearly at the heart of the project.

    The right custom home builder will guide you through the process as you control the reigns.

    New South Homes pride themselves on providing a superior level of customer service as well as expertise in building high-end custom homes that won’t break the bank. Our collaborative approach means you will get exactly what you’re looking for in your dream home. Talk to one of our friendly team today on 1300 527 088 or request a call back here and see how we can help.




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