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    The 9 Best Custom Home Builders in Australia

    December 20, 2022  

    Choosing your custom home building team is the most critical decision that you will make in your building journey.

    The builder you choose will influence everything from the building process to the finished product and whether you get the dream home you are looking for.

    As custom home builders in Sydney, we know exactly what to look for in a luxury home builder, and have compiled a list of some of the best custom builders in the country.

    What are custom home builders?

    A custom home builder does more than simply replicate a display home and offers you more than the simple designs you’ll find in an information pack.

    Custom home builders develop your new house to be your dream house, letting you customise everything from their plans or create completely new ones. The entire design process is in your hands with good custom homebuilders.

    10 factors we used to choose the best Aussie custom home builders

    With more than thirty years of experience as custom and luxury home builders, we know what is important to you, what you have to know about building a boutique home, and what to look for in a building team. Here are the criteria we use when choosing the top builders.

    1. Style. We check to see that their design team keeps up with current trends while also offering classic, timeless designs.
    2. Area of specialisation. A custom builder specialises in custom homes and making your new home a dream house. A production builder will work with hundreds of clients at a time, and be more focused on getting your home built quickly to move on to the next.
    3. Reputation and references. There’s nothing more telling than talking to a builder’s former clients. People love to rave about jobs that were well done and are usually more than happy to warn you if their experience was terrible. Client reviews are essential.
    4. Price and budget. While not all industry-leading custom homebuilders offer lower-priced, affordable homes, value for money is still important. Even the most boutique building company should offer quality equivalent to their pricing.
    5. Experience. You don’t want your custom home to be someone’s first. The best custom homebuilders have years of experience and know the construction industry inside and out.
    6. Licensing and awards. All legitimate home builders should be licensed, and the best will often have awards like those from the Master Builders Association.
    7. Practical considerations. Building luxury homes that look good are one thing, but building custom homes that people can live in and have all the lifestyle requirements is another. The best custom homebuilders can balance exquisite design with practical everyday use.
    8. Communication skills and relationship. The best luxury home builders consider the experience too. You should receive quick, friendly and helpful communication and feel invited to ask questions and give feedback.
    9. Materials and suppliers. Quality homes start with both skill and quality materials.
    10. Timeliness. Good home builders are always time conscious and ensure you get into your new home as soon as possible.


    The 9 best custom home builders in Australia to design your dream home

    Considering everything you should look for in home builders, here are our top nine custom homebuilders across Australia.

    Best custom home builder in Sydney

    Builder: New South Homes

    Why we love them: With over 35 years of experience, New South Homes have a long list of happy reviews, beautiful custom designs and excellent customer service that exceeds the normal industry standard.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: New South Homes are family owned home builders, reliable and additionally secure working alongside their award-winning sister company building granny flats with Granny Flat Solutions.


    Best custom home builder in Melbourne

    Builder: MJS Construction Group

    Why we love them: These home builders have over 35 years of experience as home builders, with over 1200 happy reviews and a long list of awards.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: MJ Construction Group’s home builders have specialised in dual occupancy and townhouse living, making them the perfect option for building in the growing suburbs of Melbourne.

    Best custom home builder in Brisbane


    Why we love them: Kalka home builders display an impressive portfolio of beautifully designed homes and have an equally outstanding reputation for quality and customer care.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: As high-achieving, award-winning custom home builders, they have won recent awards for bathroom and kitchen designs.


    Best custom home builder in Sunshine Coast

    Builder: Coastland Builders

    Why we love them: Coastland Builders focus on high quality standards in their customer care and building process. As third-generation builders, they are highly experienced and know the local area well.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: Check out their website to see their virtual display home from wherever you are located!


    Best custom home builder in Adelaide

    Builder: Scott Salisbury Homes

    Why we love them: They have 33 years of experience, building over 1300 homes, and receiving over 100 building awards.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: Scott Salisbury and his team treat building homes as an art form. Their designs are exquisite and ooze luxury and character.


    Best custom home builder in Cairns

    Builder: My Style Homes

    Why we love them: My Style Homes are a family owned business; delivering big business, extensive services with small business, considerate customer care.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: My Style Homes are the most awarded custom homebuilders in Cairns. Most recently winning the Housing Industry Association’s awards in 2022 for the best tropical home in Cairns, bathroom design of the year and the Greensmart sustainable home award.


    Best custom home builder in Perth

    Builder: Novus Homes

    Why we love them: For almost 30 years, Novus homes comes highly recommended through their customer reviews and industry awards.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: These home builders are a close nit, caring team, which is proven by the fact that most of their building and design team have been with the company for over 10 years.


    Best custom home builder in Tasmania

    Builder: Davies Design and Construction

    Why we love them: Davies Design and Construction home builders have an extensive portfolio of gorgeous custom home designs, great reviews and many industry awards (including 2021 Master Builders Tasmania – Residential Builder of the Year)

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: These custom home builders are strongly committed to their promises and will even offer a fixed building cost and return payment if they exceed their building deadline.


    Best custom home builder in Northern Territory

    Builder: Territory Homes

    Why we love them: With 31 years of experience as home builders, they have a high standard of care for their customers and their overall building experience.

    What’s unique about this boutique builder: As well experienced local home builders, they offer a wide range of services, including home renovations or knockdown rebuild solutions if you have an existing house and want to use your own custom design.



    Choosing the best home builders is the first and most important step in discovering your dream home. Boutique builders and custom designers are quickly growing in popularity because of the quality and care you’ll receive.





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