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    6 Reasons Why a Knock-Down Rebuild is better than Finding a New Home

    April 8, 2020  

    You love where you live

    The kids’ school, the local park, your favourite coffee shop… You don’t give up any of the good stuff when you choose to pull down your old house and build a new one in its same place. A KDR means you can keep your lifestyle, and build the house that you’ve always wanted.

    It’s often cheaper to start from scratch

    If you’re planning an extensive renovation with a lot of structural changes, it might be cheaper to do a knock down rebuild. As a general guide, you can build a brand-new single-storey home from $240,000, and a two-storey home from $285,000. 

    You’re in control

    You get to decide everything- from how many bedrooms and their positions, the cupboard placements, the position of the kitchen island bench, to the style and number of windows in the living room. Choose to renovate, and you’re stuck fitting your plans in and around your original floorplan.

    New homes are easier to maintain

    New home builds are more energy-efficient are less susceptible to termites. It come with added peace of mind in the form of a construction warranty, and they’re generally easier to keep clean and in order. Find a qualified and trustworthy home builder that specialised in new home strategy.

    It can be a better investment strategy

    Knocking down and rebuilding can be a better investment in locations where vacant land is scarce and in sought-after areas close to the city, beach or bay, where there is little risk of overcapitalising (when the cost of your rebuild outweighs the market value it adds to your home).

    Less disruption to your life

    Work full-time? Raising a family? Ask yourself whether you really want to live for a prolonged period with builders in the house. New homes can be built to ‘turn key’ stage, where all you need to do is turn the key, walk in and enjoy.

    Contact us at New South Homes today to discuss your knock-down rebuild strategy, and how we can help.


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