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    A Knock Down Rebuild – Get the Best of Both Worlds

    August 30, 2021  

    People are flocking to NSW in search of the lifestyle balance and opportunities that our Southern shores can provide. Whether you live in the Sydney CBD or a small coastal town, it may be difficult to find the winning combo of both home and property that you love. Locals and newcomers alike are forced to think outside the box while house hunting and knockdown rebuilds are fast becoming one of the most popular options to have the best of both worlds in both land and property.

    A knockdown rebuild (KDR) is the perfect solution for that beachside shack or the rundown brick veneer home close to the best schools. Alternatively, a KDR creates a wealth of options for when your family is fast outgrowing your property, or if renovations will be more trouble than they’re worth. When you love where the home is but not the home, a knockdown rebuild allows you to demolish the property and clear your land for a brand-new build.

    There are several benefits and reasons to consider a knockdown rebuild for your next housing endeavour, including:

    Location is everything

    House prices are heavily influenced by the land that they reside on. Buyers will always consider where the home is while house hunting, depending on their favourite schools, beaches or where they work.

    You may love the café down the street, your neighbours or your commute, and all these aspects keep your life running how it should. Uprooting the family may feel like a daunting task, and with a knockdown rebuild, you don’t have to. Additionally, if you’re playing the long game in the property market, your piece of land may only improve in value with the housing marketing being so hot. Add a brand-new development onto that property and your profit will be reaching its maximum potential.

    For when renovating is an insurmountable task

    Renovating can be a successful and exciting endeavour, but it can uncover some hidden surprises that your budget and your timeframe weren’t prepared for. Asbestos, rotting wood, termites, old wiring or infrastructure can be incredibly expensive to fix, and most of the time you don’t know they’re a problem until you hammer the first sledge into the wall. If your home is old or run down, a KDR is a time and money-saving option that will allow you to keep the happy memories of your home intact and start afresh.

    Get exactly what you want

    Have you always hated the colour of your carpets? Or wished that cabinet were in a different location? It’s time for you to get exactly what you want from your home, not dictated by 80’s architecture or the constraints of a coat of paint. When completing a knockdown rebuild with New South Homes, you can get the exact design you’re looking for, from the home layout to the finishings. If you’re searching through pages and pages of house listings and none are feeling like ‘the one’, perhaps it’s time to turn your current home into your dream home.

    It’s more affordable than you think

    As previously mentioned, the cost of buying a new home is hugely impacted by the cost of land. With a knockdown rebuild – you’ve got the biggest piece of the puzzle already in place, with stamp duty, rates and council fees covered. Your costs when building with New South Homes will be upfront and honest, with no hidden fees. You won’t be hit with surprises down the line, and your lifestyle will be more cost-effective to maintain, with the best modern features, energy-efficient ratings and cheaper running costs. Furthermore, if you’re looking to maximise profit from your block, a knockdown rebuild can bring income through added rentals.

    The process of achieving a knockdown rebuild is simple. The first step in the process is one of the most exciting ones, where you plan your new home, and we work with you to design it to the constraints of your block. This is where you can decide whether you want to add on another storey, expand the floorplan or mark out space for a pool.

    If you have a narrow block, we can work with it to create a bigger and more functional home. We can also include the most important and seemingly frivolous elements that you want your dream home to have, along with elements of your current home that you love. During this stage, we will work through the requirements of your local council and consider the layout of the land, determining what type of home you can build, along with a rough budget and time frame.

    We will then move on to detailed site assessments where we survey trees, obstructions, and the physical conditions of the knock down rebuild property. Once we are confident with the land, we can move onto designing your home and refining the plan to perfection. This is where you can make changes based on prices or desired inclusions, disconnect your services, and cosy up to your neighbours – because it’s about to get loud!

    Pending approval for demolition, the demolition team will get to work while we work on the backend for required documents and approvals, and you get busy choosing between tile patterns and dreaming of your new home. Once your site is clear, your home will begin to take shape, and before you know it – you’ll be wondering how your old home ever existed on this rejuvenated and stunning block of land.

    With over 35 years of experience, New South Homes have been bringing excellence to the construction industry in New South Wales. Our team of new home builders in Sydney always uphold our client-centric philosophy and as a result, we have a rich history of award-winning service and quality work. Experienced, professional and confident with all aspects of your knock down rebuild, New South Homes can walk you through the process right up to the front door of your new property.

    For more information on how we can help with your build, or to get started on the knockdown rebuild process, give us a call on 02 9481 7441.

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