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    Home Maintenance Checklist: Lists for Every Australian Home

    October 28, 2022  

    Your home is likely the most significant investment you will ever make, and it’s important to look after it. A commitment to regular home maintenance is essential to keep your home’s appearance intact and to protect the performance and warranties on certain products. Depending on your location and your area’s seasonal weather conditions, your property’s maintenance may be even more essential with more regular requirements.

    Completing your maintenance on time will ensure your home is kept in tip-top condition and allow you to inspect aspects of your home to catch issues or problems before they occur.


    Maintenance checklist for every home in Australia

    Home maintenance and cleaning requirements change depending on location. For example, the impact of salt air on a beach home will be different from that of city smog. 

    Find the best checklist for your home below:

    Maintenance checklist for Australian homes in the CBD

    Service all air conditioner filters and valves
    Clean out your air vents 
    Check the roof for loose tiles and the foundations for any cracks in the cement 
    Test the garage door sensors and relubricate the springs if necessary
    Ensure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working, replacing batteries if needed 
    Clean out your refrigerator and any built-in appliances 
    Check for any repairs needed for painting or plaster damage


    Maintenance checklist for Australian coastal homes

    Wash the exterior of your home every six months, including windows and doors, to remove salt build-up
    Inspect your building for any signs of rust 
    Check for signs of and treat mould  
    Clean the lawn furniture and give them a break from the sun. 
    Deep clean your floors and furniture of any sand 
    Clean out leaves and debris from the gutters and drains
    Prune or remove dead trees. If you’ve recently relocated to Sydney, click here to check tree pruning rules and regulations.


    Maintenance checklist for regional Australian homes

    Ensure the legal requirements for maintaining your land are met 
    Reapply pest control
    Perform weed maintenance 
    Clear gutters and check your bushfire safety plan 
    Check the land and pasture for any signs of degradation 
    Ensure all fire alarms are working and the fire extinguishers are in date
    Check the home for signs of rust, termites, cockroaches, or vermin 


    Home maintenance checklists for a new house

    Buying or building a new home is an exciting time in every person’s life. With routine maintenance, your new home will look beautiful for years to come. Whether you’re preparing for renters to move in or you’re never planning to move out, these simple tasks are essential for landlords and owner-occupiers alike.

    So read on to ensure you get the right supplies and tools, and don’t miss any important steps during your next big tidy-up.

    Checklist for first move into a new home

    Deep clean and disinfect all surfaces of dust.
    Check with your builder if the home’s filters are new. They will need to be replaced every 30-60 days. 
    Find the controls for water and electricity to ensure they’re on and ready to go.
    Ensure all safety devices, including the smoke detectors, are working.
    Check the gutters to ensure they’re clear 
    Take note of the paint on the walls to have some on hand to patch up any damage that occurs during the move in process. 
    Check the keys in all the locks and the opening and closing of doors and windows 
    Install your home security
    Check the landscaping is settling well to drain rainwater properly
    Read owner’s manuals and review your warranties


    Checklist for one month after moving into a new home

    Remove and clean the filters in the air conditioning.
    Clean out and flush your drains, pipes, and sinks to prevent build up over time of sediment and debris. 
    Deep clean your stove rangehood and exhaust.
    Check your water heater is functioning well with no cracks or leaks, and ensure the temperature. and pressure relief valve is in good order.
    Test the safety devices throughout the property.  
    Clean out your refrigerator.  
    Sweep the outdoor areas, including decks and driveways.  
    Clear the vents in your heating and cooling systems.
    Inspect and clean your washing machine.
    Wash the exterior of your home, including the windows.
    Check the gutters.
    Deep clean the dishwasher.
    Do some weeding, water the garden and again, check the soil is settling how it should.


    Checklist for one year after moving into a new home

    Clean your deck and patio, sanding and refinishing timber if necessary
    Tidy and inspect fireplaces and chimneys
    Inspect gutters and clean the roof, checking for loose tiles and repairing any damage
    Replace any fallen grout from showers, sinks or baths.
    Check and fill any holes in eaves or walls to prevent insects and pests.  
    Ensure large trees on your property aren’t getting too close to powerlines, plumbing or foundations of the home.  
    Clear any leaves, fallen branches or dead plants.  
    Ensure proper drainage in your sinks and toilets.
    Organise a professional maintenance check for your heating and cooling systems.
    Flush the hot water tank and check for sediment build-up, cracks, or leaks.
    Steam clean your carpets.
    Clean the ceiling fans.
    Do an exterior clean, touching up peeling paint and repairing cracks.
    Oil your garage door springs and check the sensors.
    Tighten any loose windows, screens, or seals.
    Tidy the yard, prepare vegetation for the next season, and get your property ready for storms.
    Schedule a professional termite inspection.


    Whether your plan is to get the home ready for tenants, make it shine during your housewarming party, or simply treat your investment how it deserves to be treated; by following our simple checklists, your new home will stand strong and proud for years to come.




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