Ultimate Guide to Buying a Display Home

February 1, 2023  

The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Display Home

When you visit a display home, you should feel instantly inspired and excited at the prospect of your new home or investment. Built to show off your new home builder’s best fixtures, style, design, and quality, no one could blame you for wanting to kick off your shoes and move right into your local display home village. A stroll through a display home can grant valuable insight into if your favourite floor plan will work for your family and indicate the quality of workmanship of your future new home builder.

Buying a new home is a momentous decision, whether you’ve spent hours researching the best areas of Sydney to invest or you’ve decided to move down the block from your existing home.

Either way, choosing to build requires careful consideration and quick, on your feet thinking. If a display home becomes available, it will likely come packed with inclusions, as you’re buying the builder’s real-life portfolio of work. More so, additional extras will have been put into the home such as pergolas, curtains, pendant lighting, and furniture. In addition, the home will generally feature the latest innovative home technology and luxury inclusions.

When you’re itching to build your investment portfolio or purchase a home that is ready to move into, buying a display home can seem like a no brainer.


Read on to discover the benefits of buying a display home…


5 Benefits of Buying a Display Home

1. Your potential for lease rental return

Display homes are often rented back from the new owner by the builder, usually at a premium rental rate. This allows the builder to use their display home for longer, generally until they’re finished with specific projects or advertisements in that particular suburb. This extra income can provide a great benefit when the time comes to settle in your new home.


2. Quality inclusions

Display homes demand superior quality as they are the pinnacle of the builders work and are an immediate indication of the quality of build customers will expect. Additionally, the home would have been maintained to the highest standard with professional cleaning, up to date maintenance and gentle use. Have a look at the common quality inclusions to expect for your home.


3. Built in luxury

A display home provides a real-life catalogue for potential customers to walk through and experience. As a result, luxury will be added in every nook and cranny from the quality of the paintwork to the included extras in the kitchen. A display home is meant to inspire potential customers by showing them what they didn’t know was possible. In buying a display home, you will have these features built in without needing to lift a finger.

4. Time savings

Got a baby on the way? Need to relocate ASAP for work? With a display home, you will have the unique benefit of walking into the home, kicking your feet up and calling it a day. There is no need for long trips to Bunnings or weekends spent renovating; your display home will be your dream home from the moment you receive the keys.

5. A quick solution for home investors

The world of home investment can be busy and fast paced, often requiring time sensitive decisions and an element of risk. In buying a display home, you will be gaining the unique confidence that the home is high quality and built for the highest rental yield with luxury inclusions and perfected finishes. If you’re looking to build your property portfolio quickly, a display home can provide the perfect solution.


How to Find a Display Home to Buy

Spend some time browsing

If you have time up your sleeve to make your decision, spending your Saturday strolling through a display home with a coffee in hand and phone camera at the ready can provide an instant source of inspiration and excitement for your new property decision. An inspection of the home you’re planning on purchasing is a must, however, don’t be afraid to explore some more properties to see the full extent of the builder’s profile.


Contact local home building companies

Display homes can be found in many neighbourhoods and suburbs throughout Sydney. A collection of display homes should give you a great insight into the different types of homes the builder can create.

For example, New South Homes has displays available to explore, and more coming soon, in West Pennant Hills, Box Hill and Menangle Park.

For example, our Mosman design with 5 bedrooms and 4 living areas across two levels is widely different to our Bronte 20 design which caters perfectly to families who own a smaller lot. Your builder should be able to give a clear example of their work and their ability to meet different parameters through their collection of display homes.
Don’t hesitate in contacting your local builder to express your interest in buying a display home to enjoy the many benefits that come with it. You might just find that your dream display home will be available right when you need it.



Experience the difference that luxury can make…

New South Homes’ display homes allow you to envision your future life of luxury, with a collection that offers a comprehensive insight into our ability to suit a range of project types.

With all the inclusions to ensure your day to day is filled with comfort, security, value, and style, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without luxurious trimmings and technological inclusions. We have display homes coming soon to West Pennant Hills and Menangle Park, so you can see the New South Homes difference up close and personal. We don’t believe in compromising quality and work with Australia’s most innovative, premium brands.

With decades of combined experience in building luxury homes, there is no one more qualified to walk you through the journey towards your new home. Whether you’re an investor looking for simple, quick, and quality solutions, or a first home buyer looking to create their forever home from the ground up, we can help with our complete customisation options and passion for excellent service.

If one of our display homes has piqued your interest, or if you want to discuss your upcoming build with our experienced crew, use the button below to make an enquiry.

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