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    Building a new home can be an exciting — yet daunting — journey to embark on. That’s why you’ll need the help of a trusted professional team to help guide you along the way. New South Homes offers architecturally pre-designed floor plans and custom new home designs that have been cultivated over the last 35 years. Our industry-leading home builders and designers will help you achieve your ideal custom North West Sydney home — from single or double-storey designs, to split level, duplex, or even granny flat plans. For more information on our services, contact us today and we would be happy to help.

    Professionally accredited builders in North West Sydney


    If you want a new home in North West Sydney, New South Homes are the company to opt for. We don’t compromise on quality — our team has worked diligently for decades to continually improve their craft and evolve with the times. At New South Homes, we are compliant with all relevant legislation and safety standards, helping ensure that your dream home will be of the highest possible benchmark.


    Choosing home builders in North West Sydney


    With New South Homes, building a home from scratch is easier than you might think. We offer an affordable custom home building service that focuses on efficiency, communication, and results. We will work with you to combat the many challenges that come with building a completely new home or conducting a rebuild. You can count on us to help you every step of the way:


    • On-site consultation and quote 


    New South Homes will send a qualified site assessment manager to your property or block to deliver a free site inspection. Our experts will comprehensively discuss floor plan options with you to find a design you love.


    • The design stage


    If you prefer a custom plan, our designers will help you decide on a suitable result. This is a comprehensive process, where we get to know you and why you chose to build your dream home. Our building designers will then present a preliminary home design, leaving all the final decisions to you. Once the plans have been finalised, you will have the chance to view your home through our 3D visual design software for approval.


    • Cost 


    We will then discuss the financial aspects of the build. A fixed, non-refundable deposit is required to work with external consultants and obtain all necessary on-site information. This will be followed by a comprehensive quote and pricing information so that you know exactly how much it will cost to build your home — we are upfront, so that there’s no surprises further down the track. We can also connect you with mortgage brokers to help you organise funding for your home.


    • Building agreement and council submission


    We will enter into a mutual agreement to build your home in the form of a building contract. We will diligently go over every detail of the construction plans — and once you have signed the building contract, we can begin work by submitting the plans for construction approval and acquiring all necessary insurance policies for the build. A further 5% contract deposit will be required at this stage.


    • Approvals and pre-construction 


    Necessary approvals include Hydraulic Engineering Designs, Structural Engineering Plans, Energy Efficient reports (BASIX), bushfire reports, acoustic reports, and landscaping reports. Once everything is in order, you will meet once again with your building designer to go over the initial interior details. Though the final approval process may take some time, we will be with you every step of the way and will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you are demolishing an old property, we will secure any final paperwork for that too.


    • Sol Studio consultation 


    During the approval process, you can visit our Sol Studio to discuss the final details of your interior design. Most clients consider this the most exciting aspect of the planning process. This will cover the full range of the home — doors, windows, the kitchen and flooring, as well as everything in between. We will also go through exterior and plumbing details through trusted connections and companies.


    • Construction stage 


    This is when we build your dream home. The project manager will conduct a pre-construction meeting on-site to cover all the relevant details, such as the construction process and the expected schedule. You will be constantly updated on the progress of the build through photographs and reports. The project manager will be available for any questions throughout the entire process.


    • Dream home 


    Once our expert home builders have concluded their work on your home, we can begin the final handover process. This final meeting will allow you to inspect the property thoroughly one last time, and you will be given all necessary documents. Our 90-day maintenance period is part of our award-winning after-sales service, as it will give you time to call on us whenever you need to discuss any home-related issues or questions. Simply contact us at any time, and we will help.


    Our guarantee to you


    We have never built a home that we aren’t proud of. Our designers and builders treat every home with the level of attention, care, and respect that it deserves. At New South Homes, we strongly believe in family values, which is represented in the work we do. We build as if we were creating homes for our own families. Any home that we build is one that we would love to live in ourselves. When you work with us, you will collaborate with an award-winning team that has proven to build high-quality homes with outstanding finishes and workmanship that radiates with attention to detail. Our confidence has been honed over 35 years of industry-leading performance — so you know that you can trust our builds for your home.


    New South Homes — the home builder experts


    If you want a reliable building service that truly cares about your needs, look no further than New South Homes. We’re here to build your dream home!

    If you have any questions regarding our services or want to book a free quote today, contact us online or call us on 02 9481 7441 — We’re here to help your dreams come true.