Multi-purpose studio – A Great Addition to Your New Home

December 21, 2020  

A multi-purpose studio is a great way to extend your living space, with minimal cost and sacrifice to your outside space. 

Many of us are working from home these days – it makes sense to try and make it as easy on the family dynamic, people, kids, and your own sanity, as possible. A backyard room gets you closer to nature, gets you away from the house and can function as a multiple-use space – an office, say, as well as a guest room or teen retreat. 

Here are some guidelines to mind before you break ground on a building. 

What is it that you want from your studio?

Backyard rooms come in many guises. Most multi-purpose studios are designed to adapt to a number of uses including that of home office. It can be a perfect space, functioning as a multi-purpose studio to escape the chaos of working from home inside the house, as well as giving you a clear beginning and end to the working day. 

That said, you can have many different uses for a multi-purpose studio, such as a craft room, a guest room, or a space for relaxation – the list is endless. As a great space to close the door on clutter, it can prove invaluable. Alternatively, you can invest in mobile equipment and dual-purpose furniture should you wish to rework the creative space from one use to another relatively easily. 

Creative Use of Small Spaces in Multi-Purpose Studios

Even if it’s just used for storage, a backyard room is still superior to a shed for its insulation qualities and weather-proofing. It’s great for dry storage – books and computer equipment can be affected by dampness. A backyard room can also add a lot of charm to the garden, as they look better than traditional metal sheds and can also be customised to match your house.

Plan on complementary landscaping, so that it looks less jarring in your garden – a pathway leading to the studio and purpose-built garden beds around it will make the space even more appealing to escape to. 

Studio Location

With local councils and governments acknowledging the multipurpose, multifunctional and multi-generational uses of single properties these days, there are few impediments to installing small-sized extra accommodation out back. The beauty of a modular backyard room is that it can be easily placed into the backyard of any property, from a single-fronted terrace to a rambling suburban garden. Ideally it should be sited according to passive design principles, such as somewhere that is protected from the hot summer sun while taking advantage of its warmth during winter, has good cross-ventilation and so on.

Connecting the ‘room’ to your home

The placement and location of a backyard room within a garden depends on the function of the room itself, the aspect of the site, and the home architecture and indoor-outdoor flow of the home. This connection can be achieved in different ways. Modular or multi-purpose studios can be placed in close proximity or via an easy walk; or to suit their individual site in terms of light, views and what space they have available in their garden. 

Council approval

A lot of people choose to install a backyard or an outdoor room right at the bottom of the garden but just remember that if it’s positioned too near a boundary or fence, or is over a certain size, you may have to apply for planning permission. In NSW, for example, small backyard studios less than 20 square metres don’t require council approval.

Pricing Options for Multi-Purpose Studio

Now that we have learned about the amazing multi-purpose studio, let’s discuss its pricing. No need to worry, as there are various pricing options available to suit your budget. The starting price for the basic package is only $50 per hour, which is quite affordable in my opinion. If you require more time or additional features, there are other packages to choose from. You even have the option of a monthly subscription that provides unlimited access to the studio. Rest assured, there is a pricing option that will cater to your specific needs.

Access and Accessibility Features of Multi-Purpose Studios

One of the great things about multi-purpose studios is that they are designed to be accessible to everyone. These studios have ramps and elevators that make it easy for people with disabilities to enter and move around the space. Inside, there are also features like adjustable desks and chairs, as well as specialised equipment for people with different needs. This means that whether you are a student, an artist, or someone looking to start a business, you can feel comfortable and supported in a multi-purpose studio.

There are a few additional requirements to consider such as height and distances from boundaries but don’t worry, our quality home builders will help. The New South Homes design team can help with any questions you may have.




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