Knock down rebuild your dream home on the Central Coast

A knock down rebuild on the Central Coast offers the perfect solution to achieve your dream home design, all while staying in your family's community. With the help of our rebuild specialists, you can create a brand new home on an existing block that you love. It's the best of both worlds!

Why New South Homes?

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Our team of experts listen to and support you at every step. We go above and beyond to deliver an enjoyable journey and an unwavering committment to ensuring your ideal outcomes.

TRANSPARENCY: We are committed to and proud of our open communication. There might be unforeseen challenges in the building process, but we will always find the right and fair solution to ensure your peace of mind.

WE CARE: Our family owned and run business pride ourselves on being accessible throughout your journey. We proudly started The Granny Flat Foundation to poassionately support and give back to local communities and charities.

QUALITY: As an ISO Accredited and Multi-Award Winning Builder, we have established ourselves as industry leaders for innovative designs and workmanship. We partner with only the best suppliers and trades who share our values.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Your home is our brand and when we promise to deliver, we stay accountable to that promise. Our reputation as a dependable and trustworthy builder comes from our continued hard work and dedication.

RISK-FREE: Our builds and processes exceed industry standards and weather the test of time. Our ISO Accredited processes are proven, efficient, and flexible to ensure we meet your needs and expectations.

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Why Knock Down Rebuild

A knock down rebuild is an excellent option for homeowners who want to build their dream home without leaving their existing neighbourhood. The knock down rebuild process offers several benefits, including a new, custom-made design and increased energy efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Custom design: A knock down rebuild allows homeowners to design a custom home that meets their specific needs and preferences. This ensures that the new home is tailored to your lifestyle and accommodates your growing family's changing needs.
  • Energy efficiency: A new build allows you to implement energy-efficient features, such as solar panels, double-glazed windows, and efficient insulation. This reduces energy bills and creates a more sustainable home environment.
  • Save money: Knock down rebuilds can offer significant cost savings compared to buying a new home. You can save money on stamp duty, real estate agent fees, and other expenses associated with buying and selling a home.
  • Stay in your community: You can stay in your suburb and maintain your existing social connections, including your kids going to the same school and extracurricular activities. A knock down rebuild project allows you to create your dream home without having to leave your lifestyle or community behind.

Begin your knockdown rebuild journey

At New South Homes, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their dream home on the Central Coast. Our knock down and rebuild service provides homeowners with the perfect solution to create a custom home that meets their unique needs and preferences, all while staying in their current location. With our expert design consultants, award-winning builders, and experienced construction team, you'll experience a smooth and hassle-free rebuild process from start to finish.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your new home is tailored to your lifestyle and accommodates your needs. From site inspection to final handover, we provide a detailed tender for every rebuild service, ensuring that you're always kept in the loop.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and quality home builds. Our team of rebuild specialists understands the unique challenges and opportunities of building on the Central Coast, and we'll provide you with tailored solutions that exceed expectations. With our years of experience, expertise, and commitment to the industry and our clients, you can be confident that the construction process will result in you getting your dream Central Coast home. Contact us today to get started on your knock down rebuild journey.

How to Prepare for a Knock Down & Rebuild in Central Coast

  • Central Coasts regulations related to knockdown rebuilds

    When preparing for a knock down rebuild project in the Central Coast region, it's important to be aware of the relevant regulations. These are enforced by the local council and include requirements related to building permits, construction codes and standards, and compliance with environmental regulations. We'll work closely with you to ensure that everything progresses smoothly, approvals are done correctly, and that your dream home is built up to code.

  • Population, culture & Recreation in Central Coast

    The Central Coast region is a popular destination for those seeking a relaxed coastal lifestyle while still being in close proximity to major cities, like Sydney and Newcastle. The region boasts a diverse population with a mix of suburban and rural communities. Culture and recreation are important aspects of life on the Central Coast, with a range of activities and events, including music festivals, art exhibitions, and sports. The area is home to several national parks, beautiful beaches, and scenic waterfronts, making it perfect for those who love the outdoors.

  • How climate & geography affects your rebuild

    The Central Coast experiences a moderate climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The area's geography includes both coastal and inland areas, with hilly terrain and some sloping sites. When planning a knock down and rebuild, it's important to take into account the unique climate and geography of the region. This may include factors such as site orientation, building materials, and energy-efficient design features to ensure that the new home is sustainable, comfortable, and durable in the face of the Central Coast's weather patterns and topography.

Knock Down Rebuild Process

If you're ready to rebuild your home and create your own piece of paradise, you'll want to make sure that the end result is nothing less than perfect. At New South Homes, we'll help you achieve your dream home on the Central Coast.

matches your block's orientation, maximising those beautiful views, while meeting your family's needs and style preferences. With years of experience in the knock down rebuild process and a reputation for making dream homes come to life in dream locations, there's nobody better equipped than our team to guide you through your custom home journey.

We offer a completely customisable experience, from floorplan to finishing and style, allowing you to make every detail your own. Our team of expert designers and builders will work with you every step of the way to make your home design and build journey exciting, flexible, and filled with confidence.

We will create a knock down rebuild project that exceeds all expectations and creates a home that you'll love even more than the block it sits on. Contact us today to get started on your dream home journey.

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Knock Down Rebuild Inspirations

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  • What is a knock down rebuild?

    knock down rebuild involves demolishing an existing home and rebuilding a new one in its place. This is a popular option for homeowners who want to stay in their current location but desire a new, custom-designed home that better meets their needs and preferences. A knock down rebuild allows you to create a new home without the hassle of moving, all while taking advantage of the unique features of the existing block.

  • Is a knock down rebuild more cost effective than renovating?

    While renovations are typically the cheaper option, the true answer depends on several factors, such as the age and condition of the existing home, the extent of the renovations required, and the cost of living expenses throughout the renovation process. With a knock down rebuild, you can start with a blank canvas and tailor the design to your specific budget and preferences, potentially saving money in the long run. With renovations, you're bound by the existing structure and it may cost more due to unexpected costs and issues.

  • How long does a knock down rebuild typically take?

    The duration of a knock down rebuild project can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the home design and the condition of the existing home. On average, a knock down and rebuild can take anywhere from 9 to 18 months from start to finish. Working with our experienced and reputable rebuild specialists will ensure that the project stays on track and on schedule, reducing the risks of delays and unexpected costs.

  • Is a knock down rebuild better than buying a new home?

    With a knock down rebuild, you can customise your new home to your specific needs and preferences, while taking advantage of the unique features of your existing block. It's all of the benefits of a new build without needing to move to a new suburb or region!

  • What is the cost range for a knock down rebuild project on the Central Coast?

    The cost of a knock down rebuild project varies depending on a few factors, such as the size and complexity of the home design, the finishes and materials selected, and any site-specific challenges that may arise. On average, the cost for a knock down rebuild project can range from $400,000 to $900,000 or more, depending on the individual project requirements. We'll work closely with you to stick to your budget and build a home that you'll love for years to come.

  • Can I customise the floorplan and design of my new home?

    Yes, with a knock down rebuild project, you have complete control over the floorplan, design, and finishing of your new home. A knock down rebuild allows you to create a new home that perfectly meets your needs and style preferences, tailored to your specific budget and lifestyle!

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