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    House plans and home designs: Answering the top 7 questions from new home builders working on a budget

    March 13, 2023  

    Building a new home is a big project, and every home is different, so you aren’t alone if you have questions.

    As one of the most experienced home builders in Sydney, we regularly answer questions to help new home builders navigate everything – from new home designs to choosing the right block for a house and land package, to understanding how to begin a new house and the construction process involved.

    If it’s your first time building a house, things like designing a floor plan, working on a budget and finding something that will suit your needs can be a big task.

    Here, you will find a guide with the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from people looking for new home plans and house designs…

    1) Is it cheaper to build or buy?

    There is no easy answer to this question. It very much depends on the home you are looking at, the suburb you want to live and the house plans you choose to build.

    It also depends on your long term financial plans. For example, you may find an established home that appears to be cheaper, but some growing families may later need to do extensions to fit their needs, or you may need to do some major renovations to add modern features, or simply to fix any wear and tear. A new home can be built exactly as you need it and will come with a warranty period for any issues or concerns, without any previous use or wear and tear to worry about. It’s often not as cut and dry as one being cheaper than the other.

    Many first home buyers choose to build new home designs, as this makes them eligible for a number of government grants and incentives that can contribute significantly to their overall budget.

    What house plans are best for building on a budget?

    If you’re building on a budget, you wouldn’t be the first to ask which are the cheapest house plans.

    Major elements that affect the cost of a house are the size, and how many bedrooms you are needing, plus the number of storeys and materials involved.

    This generally makes ground floor, single storey home designs with fewer bedrooms the cheapest alternative. Try looking at our Queenscliff 16 or Edgecliff 16 home designs as smaller options if you are looking for cost-effective house designs for your block.

    Can I customise a pre-existing house plan or home design?

    Absolutely. Unlike some larger builders who build stock standard house plans, we are custom home builders with a wide range of pre-designed plans to choose from. This means you can select a plan to use as is, or use one as a starting place for inspiration to design your own dream home.

    You can come to us with a list of changes you want to make to a house plan or elements of a few plans that you want to put together. We also have creative architects who specialise in modern architecture and cutting-edge designs who can take your ideas and create custom house designs, especially for you.

    Can contemporary living plans be done on a budget?

    Yes, we believe it can be. One of the greatest parts about contemporary living is that at its core, it is quite simple. Contemporary house designs often embrace open plan living, which often involves fewer materials and simpler designs, helping to keep costs lower. The simple design principles of contemporary living make it extremely achievable, even on a budget.

    Some of our floor plans often praised for their contemporary floor plans include:

    • Our Mossman floor plan for larger home designs
    • Our Roseville floor plan for duplex home designs
    • Our Camden floor plan for smaller home designs

    What is the simplest house to build?

    As an expert and experienced building team, we can bring your vision to life, however keep in mind that larger homes with unique design features may take longer to build due to their intricacies.

    How do I adjust my house plans?

    Our experienced team of designers and builders will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to drawing up your house plans. You’ll be invited to a pre-design meeting where you can share the house designs you like, and the items you’d like to change. We will get to know you and your requirements and discuss all the options to help you find your perfect home that matches your lifestyle and your needs.

    Every person is different and values different things, so we make sure that’s reflected in your house designs. You may be more interested in spacious bedrooms over a theatre room, or perhaps you prefer multiple living areas for your growing family. Whatever your lifestyle, we will have the perfect home design for you.

    Rest assured, when you are designing with experienced builders like us at New South Homes, you’ll be given exceptional quality service from the beginning of design plans, right through to the handover of the final product. We even turn your home designs into 3D renders so you can visualise what your new home design will look like before we start building.

    How long will it take to build my house?

    There are no guarantees when it comes to the timeline of building a house, but as a general rule, we allow 12 months from the very start of the process to move-in day..

    This doesn’t mean your house can’t be built much faster, and we always endeavour to provide high levels of service, but if you are planning accommodations, finances and budgets, 12 months is the best ballpark timeline to use.

    Browse a selection of New South Homes Designs and Plans to find your dream home designs

    At New South Homes, we’ve spent more than 35 years building Sydney homes with modern designs and innovative floor plans. We’ve won awards for our new home designs and our business services that come with high customer care and a personal touch.

    We have a large range of home designs to browse, with thoughtfully designed floor plans perfect for whether the home is an investment property, or your forever home.

    Browse our new home designs online, or come visit one of our Sydney display homes or new Showroom to see our work in person and speak with our friendly team about what home design options will work best for you.




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