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    Changing Work Environments: Escape the city, work from home

    May 12, 2021  

    Working from home has become a rising trend among many businesses, from government offices to small startups. According to ABC surveys, the number of Australians working from their home offices have doubled within two weeks during the Coronavirus pandemic, with most are not returning to the office. Many workers were able to adapt well and provide reliable productivity, which has caused business owners to make the switch to their workers being 100% home-based. Workers are proving valuable with new skillsets and adaptability, and the changes are saving money for businesses through lower rental costs, power costs, and more. The president of the Property Council of Australia, Ken Morrison, has been quoted as saying that some businesses would never see their full staff load return to the offices. More than 67% of workers, according to a National Broadband Network survey, indicated that they expected to work from home long after the Coronavirus pandemic ends. 

    With mounting evidence around the productivity and cost savings of working from home, the home office and functionality of the living space within homes is becoming more important than ever. Changing your work environment can boost productivity and decrease stress levels exponentially. Working from home or from remote locations can enhance workflow and encourage creativity, happiness and work satisfaction.

    We’ve collected a few points to consider along with ways to adapt when escaping the city to work from home. We hope to leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle your new ‘work from home’ lifestyle. 

    1. Determine where you will thrive

    Everyone is different when it comes to the type of working environment that makes them thrive. Some prefer a loud, busy and public space (like a café) to zone in and let their subconscious take over, where others need perfect quiet to achieve the best results. The beauty of working from home is that you’re no longer dictated by fluorescent office lights, loud city streets, long commutes or busy coworkers. You can select the most comfortable room in your house with the best sunlight and a perfectly curated playlist, or you can work in your outdoor entertainment space with the sounds of nature to inspire you. Wherever you choose – make this a regular spot to start your workday and you’ll be feeling productive and encouraged in no time. 

      1. Establish a Routine

    Having a specific place to plug your computer in, prepare your notebooks, put down your coffee and collect your pens can make a huge difference to your productivity and work-life balance. Just as a routine in the workplace makes the day run smoother, it will achieve the same when working from home. Soon, your subconscious will know that when you enter your home office, it’s work time, and when you walk out – you can switch back to family and fun mode. It is important to get dressed, clock on at the same time every day and set up your working station in a way that inspires you the most. This will make your boss happy and keep you focused and structured, despite the temptation to stay in your pyjamas and work from the comfort of your bed. 

    1. Decorate, but keep it simple

    Your home office or workstation should become your sanctuary – a place where you can feel comfortable and focused. Personalisation is fun and can inspire creativity but be sure not to over-clutter or over-complicate the space. If you must maneuver through personal belongings to access important documents or if you’re distracted by clutter, your workflow will be halted. Additionally, having your laptop bag or a small carry bag ready with items such as your charger, a notepad, extra devices and a snack, can help make on-the-go meetings or moving to remote working locations a simple task. 

    1. Take regular breaks

    Without scheduled breaks or the temptation of an office lunchroom, it can be easy to work through and ignore your need for sustenance. Set an alarm for yourself to eat, rest your eyes, stretch your body and squeeze in a moment in the sunshine. This will help you to stay on task longer and to work more efficiently when you do. Regular water or snack breaks will go a long way in improving your concentration, focus, and overall wellbeing. 

    1. Consider a home office upgrade

    You may be spending much more time in your home office than ever before, with most workers spending almost as much time at their desks as they do asleep. Just as you would make your bedroom inviting, relaxing and stylish, you should make your home office inspiring, stimulating and comfortable. Being stuck in a small office with fluorescent lights, no natural sunlight and an old carpet can make you feel trapped and negatively affect your mood and behaviour. The lighting and mood of your office could directly impact how you sleep, which in turn will damage your work and productivity along with your quality of life. With the pleasure of home life becoming more and more intertwined with the pressures of work-life, it can be difficult to maintain a balance and establish boundaries. We can help create your new home or working studio to enhance and improve both work and life, and give you the best of both worlds. 

    At New South Homes, we enjoy creating spaces for our clients that are multipurpose, functional and that you will love for years to come. We can work with you to assist with your transition towards a life spent working at home, whether you’re after a home office or a granny flat that can act as a stunning home studio, we can help. 

    For an obligation-free assessment and quote, get in touch through our contact form, or give us a call on 02 9841 7441. For inspiration and to start dreaming about your future New South Home, click this link for examples of what we can achieve for you.




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