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    The Importance of Passive Solar Home Design

    August 12, 2021  

    If you’re in the market for affordable, efficient and Earth-friendly solutions for your home, chances are you’ve heard of the term Passive Solar Home Design. This term refers to taking advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature within the home, no matter the season or time of day. In turn, a passive-designed solar home will reduce the need for extra heating or cooling by up to 40%, dramatically lowering the costs of running your home or the drainage rate on your solar power. Each of the eight different climate zones within Australia has its specific heating and cooling characteristics, and a Passive Solar Home Design will take the specifics of your climate into account to create the most comfortable indoor temperature for all occupants. The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme is an excellent resource to estimate the potential energy use of your home, the best rate of cooling and heating, and the proposed cost of your bills under a passive solar design.

    The importance of passive solar home design is almost too great to measure and cannot be understated. With this innovative building technique, the thermal temperature of your home will remain steady and unchanged no matter what is happening outside. The Australian climate can be harsh wherever you live, with cold winters or incredibly humid summers, yet your home can remain perfectly temperate year-round while retaining low energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Passive design works by utilising the natural sources of warmth and cool, such as the afternoon sun or ocean breezes, by orientating your home perfectly on your block and meticulously designing the roof, walls, windows and floors of the home (the building envelope). The specifics of your design will limit the escape of well-tempered air and the intrusion of harsh temperatures.

    The importance of solar home design is vast, but we have narrowed it down to 4 main points, including:

    1. Designed for your climate




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