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    Double Storey Modern House: Are They Worth It in 2024?

    March 26, 2024  


    The charm of a double storey modern home is unparalleled when looking for the ideal living space. These modern architectural wonders seamlessly blend modern design with practicality, offering ample room for living and a trendy appearance. Step into a world where cosiness meets sleek lines, where plenty of natural light streams through large windows, crafting a stylish and inviting ambiance. Experience the epitome of contemporary living in a double storey modern house crafted to fulfil all your requirements. Whether you desire to host gatherings in spacious open areas or seek solace in well-designed bedrooms for seclusion, this style of residence provides the perfect backdrop for your way of life. Join New South Homes and embrace the elegance and functionality of a double storey modern house – your own personal heaven awaits.

    Evaluating Costs

    Building vs Buying

    Whether to build or buy a new home is a common question most new home owners ask themselves. When considering building a double storey modern house, you must weigh the pros and cons. Building allows for customisation, but it involves higher initial costs.

    Opting for a ready-made double storey modern house can be a time-saver and help avoid unexpected costs, unlike building one from the ground up. When deciding, take into account factors like time constraints, financial limitations, and personal preferences.

    Construction Expenses

    Building a double storey modern house requires funding for materials, labour, and necessary permits. Labour costs may vary depending on the worker’s skill level and location. Understanding where your money goes can help you identify areas to save. To save money without compromising quality, consider buying materials locally or taking advantage of sales discounts.

    Purchase Price Analysis

    Factors like where the house is, how big it is, what it offers, and how the market is doing all affect how much a modern double storey house costs. The location is key in deciding the price. To figure out the property’s value and negotiate well, it helps to check prices of similar properties. Effective negotiation strategies include thorough research, flexibility with closing dates, and understanding the reasons behind the seller’s decisions.

    Warranty Insights

    Understanding warranties for components of a double storey modern house is crucial. Structural warranties are typically provided by builders, while appliances and fixtures are usually covered by manufacturers.

    Ensure you compare warranty coverage to guarantee sufficient protection from unexpected post-construction issues.

    Space and Privacy

    Living Space Benefits

    When it comes to space in a double storey modern house, you enjoy the luxury of ample living space. This allows you to have more rooms for various purposes. With this extra room, you can create your dream home layout with ease. The flexibility in room allocation enables you to design each space according to your needs.

    The ample square footage in a double storey contemporary residence offers a myriad of design options. With the inclusion of extra rooms like additional bedrooms or a dedicated study, one can customise the home to align perfectly with their lifestyle needs. The expanded living area also enables the creation of distinct zones within the house for various activities.

    Privacy Enhancements

    In a double storey modern house, privacy is significantly enhanced compared to single-storey homes. The layout of a double storey property naturally lends itself to better privacy for each family member and guest. Design features like placing bedrooms on the upper floor ensure that everyone has their private space away from common areas.

    In a double storey modern house, it’s super important to make sure everyone in the family has their own private space for some alone time. Privacy goes beyond just physical separation in this type of home; it also involves establishing mental boundaries between different areas. This sense of privacy enhances comfort and relaxation for all occupants.

    Financial Insights

    Resale Value Considerations

    When thinking about selling a double storey modern house, where it’s located, how well it’s maintained, and current market trends are key factors to consider. The house’s positioning holds significant importance as it can greatly influence its resale value, particularly if it is in proximity to reputable schools and essential amenities. Ensuring proper maintenance of the property is essential to preserve its optimal condition for prospective purchasers.

    Enhancing features like the kitchen and bathrooms in your double storey modern house has the potential to boost its resale value. Upgrades that improve energy efficiency or provide additional living areas can also draw in better offers when it comes time to sell. Market trends indicating a preference for modern homes with contemporary designs can positively influence your property’s resale value.

    We encourage you to read our blog discussing the cost per square foot for a custom house if you wish to learn more about this topic.

    Market Appeal

    Modern double storey residences are gaining popularity due to the growing preference for multi-level living spaces. Their flexible designs cater to various lifestyle requirements, attracting a broader range of interested purchasers. The increasing demand for such properties reflects a shift towards contemporary living styles.

    Modern homebuyers are drawn to the chic look and functional layout of double storey houses, valuing their space-saving features. The cost to build luxury homes are understandably high, but with the right choices, they make good returns. These homes are highly sought after, leading to increased property values and making them a smart investment choice. As the real estate market evolves, investing in a double storey modern house aligns with current housing trends.

    Operational Expenses

    Energy Efficiency

    To boost the energy efficiency of your double storey modern house, think about installing LED lights to cut down on energy usage and last longer. It’s important to have good insulation in your home to keep it warm. Save energy and money by using energy-efficient appliances like fridges and washing machines. Smart home technology lets you control your energy use from anywhere, making sure your lights and temperature are efficient even when you’re not home.

    Maintenance Overview

    Regular upkeep is essential to maintain the long life of a double storey modern house. To ensure its durability, it is crucial to maintain cleanliness inside and conduct regular checks on the plumbing and electrical systems. Make sure to change your air filters often to keep the air clean and prevent problems with your systems. Check your roof for damage or leaks regularly. Keep your gutters and downspouts clean to avoid water damage and make your roof last longer. Trim the plants around your house to make it look better. Proactive measures are crucial for circumventing costly fixes in the future. Consistent checks of your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems can identify issues promptly, leading to considerable cost reductions in future repair work.

    Lifestyle Advantages

    Family Growth Potential

    Residing in a double storey modern house offers advantages, particularly for a family that is expanding. The additional floor space allows for the inclusion of extra bedrooms or living spaces to accommodate the growing family size. This means the house can grow with the family over time. Plus, having multiple levels is great for a family that’s expanding. As children mature and require additional room, a contemporary home with several levels can effectively separate living spaces. Such an arrangement guarantees personal areas for each member of the household, enhancing comfort and ensuring privacy.

    Customisation Options

    Opting for a double storey modern house offers the opportunity to customise each aspect to your liking. You’re at liberty to select everything from the floor plan to the final touches and fittings, crafting a space that reflects your personal taste and inclinations. Whether you’re drawn to an expansive, open layout of modern double storey house facades for entertaining or seek segmented areas for seclusion, personalising your home ensures it aligns seamlessly with your way of life. Delving into various design possibilities enables you to shape your dwelling to fulfil your unique requirements and wishes.

    Environmental Impact

    Eco-friendly Features

    In the process of crafting your contemporary double storey modern house, consider incorporating elements that are kind to the environment. Choose eco-friendly options like bamboo flooring and recycled glass countertops to help the environment. Save energy with solar panels and LED lights. Reduce waste by composting, which also helps limit trash in landfills. Using sustainable materials not only protects the planet but also improves air quality at home. Energy-efficient systems can save money on utilities and lessen your impact on the environment. By reducing waste through practices like composting, you can create a more eco-friendly living space.

    Sustainability Benefits

    Living in a double storey modern home has many benefits for the environment. It’s important to be eco-friendly and save resources by using renewable energy and water-saving fixtures. Opting for sustainability in a modern double storey modern home can help cut down on bills and maintenance costs over time. By reducing energy and water usage, you’re also contributing to the preservation of natural resources for the future.

    Architectural Design

    Modern Aesthetics

    Designing a modern double-storey house involves blending contemporary styles to achieve a chic appearance. Simplicity is key in a modern double-storey house. Clean lines, spacious rooms, and neutral colours are essential. Use materials like steel, wood, and glass for a sharp appearance. Add an urban twist by incorporating industrial elements such as exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metallic accents.

    Consider enhancing your modern double story home by incorporating architectural styles that complement the design. Install large windows to allow natural light in and create a seamless connection to the outdoors. Utilise intelligent lighting to create the perfect ambiance and accentuate key areas of your home.

    Functional Layouts

    When designing your modern double storey house plans, focus on creating functional and visually pleasing spaces. Each room should have a clear purpose while maintaining a seamless flow throughout the house. Utilise design concepts like open layouts, strategic furniture arrangements, and plenty of storage solutions to enhance usability and aesthetics.

    Market Trends

    2024 Forecast

    In 2024, the increasing popularity of double storey modern houses is expected to drive prices higher. The consistent growth in median dwelling values over the last ten years indicates a robust market that shows no signs of deceleration. The future of modern house construction is being shaped by the rising prominence of smart home features and sustainable design elements. Buyer preferences are instrumental in steering these market trends. The year 2024 will witness a heightened demand for environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions. Open floor plans and abundant natural light will remain pivotal design considerations that attract potential buyers. Nevertheless, challenges like escalating construction expenses and a shortage of skilled labour may influence market dynamics.

    Buyer Preferences

    For those considering a double storey modern house, your preferences are diverse and dynamic. Buyers nowadays prefer modern double storey houses with rooftop gardens, smart technology, and stylish home offices.

    When people look for a house, they want it near schools and shops, in a safe place, and with potential for the property’s value to increase. Nowadays, more individuals prefer eco-friendly homes that utilise sustainable methods and have certifications for green building.

    Making the Decision

    Key Considerations

    When considering different modern double storey house designs, several key factors should guide your decision. Firstly, location plays a crucial role in determining convenience and accessibility to amenities and schools.

    Ensure that the double storey modern home you select has sufficient rooms for your family and is situated in a sought-after location to enhance its overall worth. Seek advice from real estate experts to understand market trends and avoid costly errors. There are also other cheap ways to save money when building a house which should not be overlooked.

    Value Proposition

    Opting for a modern double storey house comes with a host of benefits that make it an attractive choice for property owners. These homes tend to appreciate in value over time, providing long-term financial advantages. The lifestyle advantages are plentiful, offering ample living spaces, distinct areas for privacy, and the opportunity to customise the home to personal tastes. From a financial standpoint, these properties often yield substantial profits when sold, thanks to their appeal and modern features that draw in potential buyers. Ultimately, owning a double storey modern home can serve as a valuable investment for homeowners looking to secure their financial future while enjoying the comforts and luxuries of contemporary living.


    Make sure to really think about all the costs, space, money stuff, upkeep expenses, how it fits with your lifestyle, eco impact, style, what’s popular, and the process of deciding for your modern double storey home. Knowing all this will help you choose wisely based on what you want and need. With this info, you’ll be ready to handle the challenges of building a modern custom home that fits your budget and lifestyle. Check all these things before going ahead with your plan for a double storey modern home. If needed, ask for help from experts to make sure everything goes smoothly. Your dream home is not far away!




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